Birth of Civilization, 1985-88

warner blake image

This installation combines four objects:

“Adam & Eve” turtle body puppets (50″w x 12″h x 36″d), wood and foam core, covered with silver lame;
Proscenium Theater (48″w x 28″h x 12″d), wood and styrofoam core, covered with polymer clay;
Chorus of Civilization (36″w x 24″h x 6″d), polymer clay figures on wire, painted lace fabric, white fish line, bamboo control.

warner blake objects

warner blake objects

The Chorus is given birth by the mating turtles, Adam and Eve. The Chorus is holding a curtain of blood covered lace and singing the ending of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” The proscenium’s painted curtain (not shown) falls for the first time, a dramatic ending to the first part of “Voice of the Turtledove.”

warner blake objects
42″w x 64″h x 30″d

(This piece is installed in my Snohomish studio, please contact me to view.)

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