Alexander I of Russia & Count Bennigsen

warner blake objects

warner blake objects

warner blake objects

ALEXANDER, age 35, came to power when only 24, practically tripping over the warm body of his assassinated father into the predestined significance of history. He is friendly, usually very graceful and a man of God, in fact, god’s man amongst God-intoxicated people, living in a God-given immensity of space.

6″w x 5″d x 7″/27″h

Czar Alexander was at a ball given in his honor by COUNT LEVIN AUGUST BENNIGSEN, age 67, when the message of the invasion came as a whisper in his ear. I will not make peace so long as a single armed enemy soldier remains in my country, he said, in French, to no one in particular and returned to the ball.
From the script: “Voice of the Hollow Man”

3″w x 21/2″d x 6″/21″h

Available only as a pair.

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